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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you having problems with your Invited Smart Lock? Or do you have any questions?

See our frequently asked questions and solutions here.

Will the Invited Smart Lock fit on my door?

The Invited Smart Lock will fit on most doors and can be installed on doors with a Euro Profile cylinder lock or multi-point lock with a PC size between 55mm - 105mm. The PC size is the distance between the centre of the door handle and the centre of the round part of the cylinder. For most front doors in the Netherlands, the distance is 72mm.

Unfortunately, the Invited Smart Lock will not fit on doors in which the handle has to be pulled upwards.

Unfortunately, the Invited Smart Lock will not fit on doors in which the cylinder is positioned above the handle.

Will anything change on the outside of my door?

No; nothing will be visible on the outside of your door after installing Invited. The existing metalwork on the outside will remain intact. Door handles which open the latch bolt (as is often the case in back doors) will also remain usable with Invited.

Can I use Invited on my existing cylinder?

Invited works with a special cylinder, which comes with the lock. This cylinder is specially adjusted for Invited and is not a standard cylinder, making Invited unsuitable for other cylinders.

My door is too thick for the supplied cylinder. What now?

Invited comes with a 30/30 cylinder. This covers the largest part of most doors. In the event that your door is thicker than that, you can purchase a special 30/45 lengthening set in our webshop. You can install this set yourself.

We offer component sets for even thicker or special doors. Professional lock specialists can use these sets to lengthen standard Invited cylinders.

How safe is an Invited Smart Lock?

The Invited Smart Lock was approved and marked safe by SKG. Invited comes with a 2-star SKG cylinder.

The signals are encoded using the latest AES 128-bit encryption. Every time a signal is sent, it is randomly renewed. This makes tapping signals pointless.

What kind of warranty is there on an Invited Smart Lock?

Please refer to our warranty conditions online.

We offer a standard 1-year warranty. Registering your lock will give you an extra 1 year of warranty.

What terms and conditions does Invited apply?

Invited applies the terms and conditions of the Dutch Home Shopping Organisation (thuiswinkel.org). We have also drawn up additional terms and conditions, specifically for the Invited Smart Lock.

General Terms and Conditions

Additional Terms and Conditions

Can I also control the Invited Smart Lock with my smartphone?

Yes, but to do so, the Invited Smart Lock has to be linked with an external system such as HomeWizard.

How safe is an Invited Smart Lock in combination with HomeWizard?

Communication between HomeWizard and the Invited Smart Lock is encoded in the same way as other Invited products.

You can also use the HomeWizard App to open the lock online. Make sure you always connect using your HomeWizard Online account. This will encode the connection to and from your smartphone via a secured SSL (https) connection.

I am unable to link my Invited Smart Lock to HomeWizard.

The HomeWizard link is still at the Beta stage. HomeWizard has to specially unblock your connection with an update. To do so, they will need the serial number of your HomeWizard.

Please contact HomeWizard for this.

I’ve lost a remote control. What to do?

If you still have one of the original remote controls (with a blue button), you can use it to block all linked remote controls. After that, you might have to relink any other remote controls.

If you are afraid the remote control may have ended up in the wrong hands, we recommend changing the cylinder as well.

Can I let people in from a distance?

Linking Invited to an external home automation system such as HomeWizard allows you to open the door online anywhere, such as from your smartphone.

You can also install an Invited Keypad, with which you can grant other people access with a code.

From what distance will I be able to open the door?

The distance from which an Invited Smart Lock can be controlled depends on the situation. In most cases, the distance should be at least 10 metres.

If it does not work at that distance, steel structures, other signals or antennas may be interfering with the signal.

What is the difference between the daytime and the night-time setting?

If your door is on the night-time setting, it will automatically lock completely after closing it. On the daytime setting, the door will close but not lock.

Use the daytime setting for back doors with a handle on the outside that you want to walk in and out of, for example.

When you leave the house, make sure your Invited Smart Lock is always completely locked. You can do so by using the night-time setting or by locking it once in the daytime setting.

Can I still open the door with ‘regular’ keys?

The supplied remote controls contain a physical key. In the event that the remote control or lock malfunctions, the keys can always be used to open the door.

Please note: the use of this key is only intended for emergencies. Never leave the physical key in the door, as this will delink the motor. As a result, you will no longer be able to operate the lock from the inside!

The Invited Smart Lock does not automatically lock itself. What to do?

Check whether the lock is on the daytime or night-time setting. On the daytime setting, the lock will not automatically lock itself.

If you close the door, the lock should beep within 2 seconds. This beep indicates that the sensors have registered that the door is closed. On the night-time setting, the lock will then start turning.

If you do not hear the beep, press the remote control once to manually send the ‘close door’ signal.

If the ‘closed door detection’ regularly malfunctions, reset the lock by removing the batteries for 60 seconds. The lock will then recalibrate.

What happens when the batteries are (almost) empty?

When the batteries start to run out, a warning will appear in the form of sound and LED signals. You will also notice that the motor will start to run more slowly.

With average use, the batteries will last approximately 6-8 months.

If the batteries do run out and you need to open the lock, use the emergency key built into the remote control.

Can I add extra remote controls?

Yes, you can add extra remote controls. You can order these at our webshop, for example.

Please refer to the user manual for the programming procedure.

Can I control multiple locks with one remote control?

Yes, you can link a remote control to an unlimited number of locks.

Please note: this may cause problems if the locks are within the same transmission range!

The knock setting is not working that well. What to do?

The knock setting uses acceleration sensors in the Invited Smart Lock. Every door has its own profile which is affected by many factors, including weight, the attachment to the frame and the antidraught features.

We set the sensors in such a way that they cannot be activated by minor vibrations from things like passing traffic. That means that some doors have to be knocked on a bit harder than others.

You can improve this function by making sure the door has a good fit within the frame, without too big of a margin.

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Can the Invited Smart Lock be used outside?

No, the Invited Smart Lock is only suitable for installation on the inside of a (front) door. The lock is not water-proof and under low temperatures, the batteries may malfunction.